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    Athletes are busy people. They try to balance training with work, school, family and other activities. With all these responsibilities, athletes consume a lot of energy each day. Food preparation can become a challenge but it is a challenge that athletes need to face since good sports nutrition help to adequately fuel work-outs and improve performance and recovery.

    Eating well should be a part of an athlete’s overall training plan. But buying well is a requirement for eating well.

    Nutritious meals begin at the grocery store. If you purchase the right ingredients, it’s a cinch to whip up a nutritious and flavorful meal. Stocking up with healthy staples is critical to good sports nutrition and will give you many options when you get home from a workout. Here are some foods busy athletes must be armed with.

    Freeze Health

    Frozen foods are time-savers. Many prepackaged frozen items let you use the exact amount you need thus cutting cleaning up time. Leftovers are also instant meals on a busy night.

    Freezing is an important method of preserving most nutrients. Frozen vegetables are a lot of help because they require no washing, chopping, or peeling. Serve vegetables as a side dish, or incorporate into soups, sauces, or pasta dishes.

    Frozen fruit has longer shelf-life and are easily available if supply of fresh ones is low. Frozen blueberries, mixed berries, and mangoes can be blended into a smoothie with fruit juice and milk or yogurt or used as cereal topping.

    Chicken breasts or fish fillets that are frozen in individual packing are a good protein source for your meals. Frozen meatballs provide variation and can be easily mixed with pasta.

    Pantry Staples

    Canned products don’t compromise nutrition. Upon being harvested fruits and vegetables are processed to keep nutrients locked in.

    Beans that are canned are nutrient dense, and will load you with the important fuel for maximum growth and sports performance.

    Canned tuna and salmon are rich in protein and omega-3 fats, which have been shown to help conditions of cancer, heart disease, arthritis and mental health. Pasta dishes, salads and sandwiches can be given another character by including these in the recipe.

    Peanut Butter is a good source of calories, and for busy athletes, an easy fill. Use this as sandwich spread and top with a banana or enjoy with carrot strips. Peanut butter is packed with healthy mono- and polyunsaturated fats and vitamin E.

    Popular among athletes is the use of tomato sauce. Processed tomatoes are concentrated with protective compounds. One half-cup of tomato sauce, for instance, contains six times more of the antioxidant lycopene than a medium fresh tomato.

    Tomato sauce is usually cooked with pasta which is a staple of many athletes’ sports nutrition diet. If available, use the whole grain variety because refined pasta has been stripped off of its vitamins, fiber and other nutrients. Frozen bell peppers and tuna can boost protein content of meals with tomato sauce.

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    Christmas is right around the corner, and finding gifts for everyone on your Christmas or Holiday Shopping List can sometimes be a daunting task. For those sports fans on your list weve got some very clever gift ideas such as the BallPark Pen. These pens are not just pens that look sporty, these are pens made from the actual wooden seats of demolished ballpark stadiums.

    Laser engraved with the stadium name and its years of existence, these Ballpark pens are a piece of history that any sports fan would love, especially if you select their favorite stadium, or a stadium where they watched most games. There are also bottle openers and corkscrews made of the same wooden seats. Itll be valued and kept forever by your favorite sports fan.

    Other great presents for sports fans include Stadium Cuff Links, again made from the seats of demolished stadiums, but coated in the original paint from the stadium and the stadium name engraved on the back. Or how about giving Ballpark Hammers with the name of their favorite NFL, MLB or College football team logo on it?

    Great Christmas gifts or presents for sports fans can also come in the form of signatures by famous athletes on numerous items such as The Derek Jeter signed 27th World Championship article in the New York Times (mounted and framed) or a Derek Jeter signed baseball of the 27th World Championship, encased in glass. And every sports fan loves an autographed baseball jersey from their favorite player on their favorite team, complete with number and team colors. And autographed model sized NASCAR helmets are a big hit.

    Autographed Newspaper Prints from the NY Times is always a great gift for a sports fan. Choosing the game that just knocked their socks off, that is autographed by team members, is a piece of memorabilia that every sports fan would love to get their hands on.

    From pictures to books, baseballs, footballs, basketballs and everything in between, you may find that your sports fan friends and family are the easiest to buy for. There are so many items that represent the many teams and athletes that they love and admire. Be creative and unique with your gift giving and you are sure to get smiles and lots of thanks. Making your loved ones happy at Christmas is more fun than receiving gifts yourself. Look around for these great types of unique sports gifts and make your sports fan happy this year.

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    Like other types of mechanical devices, gym equipment requires regular maintenance. Just as you would have preventive service performed on your car to keep it in top running condition, so too is gym equipment maintenance a key factor for safe and effective performance. Regular maintenance also will extend the life of your equipment. Read on to learn how.

    Be Proactive: Prevent Breakdowns with Preventive Maintenance

    Many people call for service only when a machine breaks down. Unfortunately, sometimes this may be too late to avoid costly repair bills. Of course, keeping machines clean and calling for service promptly is always a good policy, but you may want to consider stopping problems before they happen with a regular fitness equipment maintenance program.

    Choosing the Right Equipment is Key

    The better the equipment, the more likely it is to perform reliably without frequent breakdowns. In a commercial environment, equipment downtime costs money. In a home environment, downtime can derail even the most ambitious fitness programme. So, the first step in reducing costly repairs is to buy top-quality equipment. Despite the additional cost, brand-name products usually are more durable and reliable. These products also have comprehensive warranties that help to keep repair costs low.

    Safety is Another Important Issue

    Improperly maintained fitness equipment can be downright dangerous to use. Sports scientists believe that as much as 25% of injuries could be avoided if users took the time to learn how to use gym equipment correctly. So regular maintenance and proper use go hand-in-hand. Even simple inspections for loose bolts, worn cables or incorrectly adjusted belts can contribute to an overall reduction in injury. While some basic maintenance activities can be self-performed, others require the expertise of trained engineers and technicians from fitness equipment servicing companies. It’s also helpful to keep a log book that will help service people correctly determine exactly what maintenance the machine requires.

    Convenience is Importance as Well

    When you have engaged a company to maintain your gym equipment, chances are that the cost of the contract will be less than the cost of a single, major equipment breakdown. Fitness centres and individuals find that it is often more convenient and more effective to service their machines on a regular schedule.

    Tips for Success

    Tip #1: Read the owner’s manual completely and always follow the manufacturer’s maintenance procedures and recommendations.

    Tip #2: Cleanliness is key. Sweat can combine with dirt and dust to create a sticky deposit on machines that eventually will interfere with performance. Use a soft cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner such as a mixture of water and antibacterial detergent.

    Tip #3: Keep the area around the machine clean with regular vacuuming. For treadmills, vacuuming under the motor cover will extend the life of both the deck and the belt.

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    Sport continues to be one of the UKs most popular pastimes, with thousands of people attending professional sports events throughout the year. With the commercialisation of professional sport across the globe, many sports arenas can now be set up to hold many different types of events; from music concerts, corporate hospitality, to charity days.

    A sports stadium tour allows anyone to see the areas of a venue that usually cannot be accessed when there is a sports event taking place. Most sports stadiums are associated with a particular team, for example – Anfield is where English Premier League side Liverpool FC play their home matches. There are a few exceptions, with The Grounds of The All England Lawn Tennis Club, otherwise known as simply Wimbledon, is known as one of the Grand Slam championships in the sport.

    Whichever stadium you decide to visit, one guarantee is that you will learn a lot about the team and individuals that have played at that particular venue. A club historian or tour guide will talk and walk you through the history of the arena, usually with some amazing anecdotes and facts to keep you entertained. Each stadium will have a collection of memorabilia connected to past events that have taken place, like at Wembley Stadium you can see the crossbar that was hit by Geoff Hurst when scoring his third goal in the 1966 World Cup Final.

    Each stadium tour is different, but you can expect to see several common areas on each tour, no matter which arena you choose to visit.

    Professional sports comes with a lot of media attention. It is now the case that elite sports venues need to be able to accommodate local, national and even international journalists. Football managers from the top English clubs are expected to give press conferences and interviews several times a week to discuss their team, possible transfers and many other topics. A stadium tour allows you to sit in the managers chair and answer a few questions whilst posing for photos.

    The most exclusive parts of the stadium are the ones used by the players on the day of a sports event. This is where the coach of a sports person or club can make inspirational team-talks to motivate their players. From the changing room, the performers make their way to the tunnel waiting so they can finally arrive at arguably the most sacred and important part of the stadium – the pitch or court. As the playing surface is usually being treated between sports events, it is unlikely you will be allowed to go on the surface. However, take your place in the technical area and enjoy an exceptional and unique view of the stadium.

    A stadium tour offers a behind-the-scenes experience that would be the ideal gift for any sports fanatic.

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    There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to betting on the horses. Some people believe that its impossible to profit in horse racing. Some believe that all you need to do is bet the favorites. Still, others believe that the only way to make money is to bet the huge long shots and pray for a miracle. All of these thoughts are false. You can make money betting on horses, and you dont need to pick favorites all the time or bet on miracle finishes often.

    Here is a juicy piece of information for you. The favorite wins the race (thoroughbred racing) about 33% of the time. Therefore, if you simply bet the favorite, you will be losing 67% of the time. Since favorites dont always pay too well, you would end up losing over the long run. Still, money can be made betting on favorites. Each race is different. In some races, the favorite might be an even money favorite. In others, the favorite might be a 3-1 favorite.

    How you bet is just as important as how much you bet. A common bet is called across the board. When you make this wager, you are betting on the horse to win, place and show. If the horse comes in first, you win all three bets. The show bet is the most conservative wager in horse racing, and it pays like it. Its common to be paid only 20 cents on the dollar for a show bet. Many inexperience bettors place a show bet to be safe, but its a money sink.

    Unless the horse is going off at a good price (odds), making a show bet is a losing proposition. The best way to wager on a good horse is win and possibly placenever show. Think about it this way, if I told you I had a proposition that you might win 33% of the time, and it will pay 1-5, which means you bet $5 and win $1, would you jump on it? Of course you wouldnt. This is kind of what its like to make a show bet on a good horse.

    At the end of the day, how you wager can up accounting for half or more of your success potential. Bettors that dont figure this out wonder why their bankroll is not larger after their winning day. Place your bets properly and you will be halfway home to being a successful horse racing bettor. Money can be and is, made in horse racing every single day. On busy days, there are more than one hundred betting opportunities to take advantage of. One last piece of advice. If a race is not favorable to youodds wisemove along. There will be plenty more races to bet on.

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    Are you experiencing runtime error 241? Runtime error 241 is a very general PC error for Windows users which crashes occasionally. However, some computer users have smart ways to fix runtime error 241 easily. Find out how others fix runtime error 241 in this article now and fix your runtime error 241 in minutes.

    Virus infection is the main cause of runtime error 241. Check whether your computer have runtime error 241 and other computer errors as following

    *Blue Screen of Death Error Messages
    *Programs start unexpectedly
    *Long time to boot up your computer
    *Tough computer errors like Dll Errors, ActiveX Control errors, IExplore, System32 Errors, Internet Explorer Errors and JavaScript Errors

    Runtime error 241 and those are the common signs of virus infection and spyware invasion.

    How to Fix Runtime Error 241?
    1. Runtime error 241 can be caused by virus, Trojan or spyware. Run an updated antivirus program and see whether virus is detected or runtime error 241 is fixed. If your current antivirus did not fixed the runtime error 241, try another one. Make sure the signature database is up to date and do not run more than one security programs at the same time. If you can not fixed runtime error 241 in this way or your runtime error 241 occurs just after you detect a virus, move to the tip below.

    2. Scan and repair Windows registry errors to fix runtime error 241. Why is registry cleaner necessary for you to fix runtime error 241? As I mentioned before, runtime errors 241 is related to SubSeven Trojan virus. However, fixing runtime error 241 by a security program definitely is not guaranteed. Antivirus software can help you eliminate virus, trojan and spyware hidden in your computer and just sometimes fix runtime error 241. Unfortunately, it is not able to assist you to repair Windows registry errors. Virus would modify and destroy registry entries maliciously to achieve its purpose. Therefore, it is highly recommended you run registry repair tools to fix runtime error 241.

    Have you equiped your computer with a professional registry cleaner? Are you looking for an effective registry cleaner to fix runtime error 241? I highly recommend you the Best Registry Repair, which can fix runtime error 241 quickly and speed up your computer in minutes by fixing all potential computer errors.

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    Buying a used Weider home gym has a number of advantages including of course getting this normally high priced home gym for a more reasonable and affordable price. What’s more, by purchasing a used Weider home gym you also stand to avoid having to commute to a gym because you will have an excellent tool in your home on which to work out.

    More Functionality

    Without a doubt, Weider home gyms are costly when bought new though they may yet be more competitively priced as compared to the competition. In addition, Weider home gyms offer all the functionalities that you would require to complete your workouts and in fact even a used Weider home gym can provide you with better opportunities to complete the most demanding exercise routines.

    Another notable advantage to buying a used Weider home gym is that most people that have bought such equipment in new condition will have maintained their home gyms well and so more often than not you will be able to buy from them Weider home gyms that are still in good working condition. There are in fact many advantages associated with working out with a Weider home gym including getting more options, having dependable and durable products as well as not having any trouble in installing the home gym even in limited space.

    The only trouble is that people that want to buy such equipment may not be able to afford the product in new condition and so are forced into looking to buy a used Weider home gym. For this there are many options available including checking online auction sites such as eBay and checking classified sections in the local newspapers as well as scouring the Internet for people that wish to sell used Weider home gym.

    While buying a used Weider home gym is a money saving option you need to also check the item to see whether it is safe to use and will last you for many seasons. In addition, if possible you should only buy a used Weider home gym from a reliable source because when you buy a used item there is no warranty that comes with the equipment and so it is better that you purchase from a reputable source as chance of being duped will be considerably lower.

    There are several different reasons why people choose to buy used home gyms. It could be on account of never finding the time to visit a gym or being limited to purchasing used equipment because of money constraints or just not liking the environment in a public gym. Regardless of your reasons, you should first find out what it takes to buy used equipment before proceeding any further.

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    When you think of a sport uniform, you probably think of football uniforms and those huge football jerseys that are usually available in department stores as well as sporting goods stores. Have you ever thought of creating your own custom football jersey? You can if you simply look in the right place. Do a search online and you will find many football jerseys for sale, but they arent custom designed. With a custom shop you can actually design your own football jersey and make it as unique as you are.

    Regardless of whether you need to buy for one or two dozen football players, you can find what you are looking for and needing with a custom shop. Many shops offer your own design but not many can offer you the opportunity to actually sit down and use a program to see what they design will look like before you order. Custom shops sometimes offer a program called custom jersey builder that allows you to actually build you jersey and see what it will look like before you place your order.

    With the custom jersey builder, custom football jerseys are easy. You choose the jersey style, body, shoulder, sleeve and insert color, neck style and colors, cuff style and colors, the custom neck, sleeve stripe or pattern color, and your sleeve options. This is all just in the first steps of the process. You must choose a material for your jersey, then begin to think about the lettering you want to use on the front and back.

    The next step is to choose your lettering for the jersey. Custom football jerseys generally have the team name on the front and the team members name on the back along with their number. You get to choose the style of lettering, color, and whether you want them sewn on or screen printed. This includes lettering on the sleeves if you choose. Once you have completed this process and you have examined the picture of the product, it is time to begin listing your players names and numbers.

    During the next step you will choose the size of jersey for each player along with the name you want imprinted on the back and their number. For example if John wears a size 2X jersey, you order a 2X with John emblazoned on the back just above his jersey number or 15. David wears a large, so on the next jersey you choose a large with David emblazoned on the back just above his jersey number of 38. You continue this process for each member of the team to ensure that you have every member listed with their size, name and number.

    Place the order and receive an email with a picture of what your jersey will look like and at the same time a copy is sent to the company you are ordering from. For orders that are in stock, the completion of your jerseys is as short as 2 weeks with delivery within 4.

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    And then, also, heading into your freshmen year of college – the important thing is to work hard. When I was in college, the two things that I would tell myself are:

    1. ‘Do you want to be a hero or a zero’ – and that means: do you want to take the easy way or the hard way. The hard way is to be a hero, and the easy way is to be a zero – to be a nobody. And so I’d always tell myself to be a hero: do things that are out of the ordinary, do things that are extraordinary. Let’s say the team starts working out at 7:00am, I’d get there at 6:00am and get an hour extra. Because I know that if I’m doing it you’ve got to believe that someone else out there is doing the same thing as me. So you can never work too hard.

    2. My dad used to always tell me ‘winning is everything because the losers go home and cry’ and you know, that’s the mentality I had throughout my entire athletic career. You’ve got to win, and in order to win you’ve got to have that state of mind that if you lose it’s the end. Because winners go on to be bigger, better, more successful and get recruited for football, and losers – they go home.” -Jayson Rego (Running back for the University of Hawaii)

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    A young man dunking a basketball. Focus on the basketball.

    So many great players have represented Aston Villa in their illustrious history that putting together a list of twelve or so greats is close to impossible. Nevertheless, we’ve given it a go. With apologies the great players we’ve excluded, here is our list of Aston Villa Legends. (Current Aston Villa players are not included).

    George Ramsay
    Position: Forward (later secretary of the club)
    Aston Villa Career: (as a player) 1976-1884 (as secretary) 1884 -1926

    The earliest of Aston Villa legends, Ramsay served the club both as player and secretary (a role that effectively made him manager of the team).

    He was responsible for transforming the team from a disorganized group playing ‘kick and rush’, to an effective unit playing the passing game. And he was a skillful player himself with people coming to Villa matches just see him play.

    Ramsay retired from playing in June 1882 but took up the role of Secretary which he held from 1884-1926. During this time Villa won the League and FA Cup 6 times each, and establishing themselves as the premier club in England.

    Archie Hunter
    Position: Forward
    Aston Villa Career: 1878-1890
    Appearances: 367
    Goals: 150

    Villa’s first great captain, Hunter joined the club in 1878, ten years before the commencement of League football, and remained until the premature end of his career in 1890.

    Ensured his status as an Aston Villa legend by being the first Villa captain to lift the FA Cup, and also the first player to score in every round of the cup during Villa’s victorious 1887 campaign.

    Tragically, during a League match against Everton in 1890, he suffered a heart attack and collapsed. He would never play again, and died four years later at the age of just 35.

    Billy Walker
    Position: Forward
    Aston Villa Career: 1920-1933
    Appearances: 531
    Goals: 244 Aston Villa legend, Billy Walker joined the club in 1914 and spent his entire playing career at Villa Park.

    A skillful centre forward, he made 531 appearances, scoring 244 goals, and is the club’s all-time leading goalscorer.

    He also stands second on the list of highest appearances and was a member of the 1920 FA Cup winning side.

    After retirement Walker had a successful management career, leading both Sheffield Wednesday and Nottingham Forest to FA Cup success.

    Eric Houghton
    Position: Forward / Manager
    Aston Villa Career: 1927-1946
    Appearances: 392
    Goals: 170

    An Aston Villa legend who is often referred to as “Mr Aston Villa”. Houghton played for the club for two decades and scored 170 goals in 392 games. He was something of a deadball specialist with a powerful shot that yielded 58 goals from the penalty spot and 30 from direct free kicks.

    After finishing his playing career at Notts County he went on to become Aston Villa manager and led them to an FA Cup win in 1957.